Somatic Experiencing

Trauma can leave us stuck, in pain, and closed up. Working with the body helps get us unstuck, resolve symptoms, and feel the world open up to us

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body-based set of techniques and principles for precisely attuned clinical work. With close attention to your nervous system, you are supported in a slow, steady way to move toward coherence and resilience.


Nika Khanjani, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

I’m Nika Khanjani (she/her), a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) currently in residence at Long Spell to offer support for both acute trauma symptoms and more general allyship to your nervous system. I’m thrilled to be joining Long Spell as I believe that the modalities of plant medicine and somatics are a powerful complement to each other in expanding our innate capacities. Read more about my approach below

As a modality, SE has been around for several decades and, while it doesn’t have all the answers of course, it does have some really good ones. I chose it after years of talk therapy and found the approach so gentle and effective that I went all in to train as a practitioner (SEP).

I’m not a psychotherapist—though in working together, you will share some of your story. There’s nothing I love more than listening to human stories, and with the lens of my SE training, I watch and listen for the story of your nervous system. 

In this bottom-up approach, we prioritize the body over analysis, and we shift internal states and tone up your nervous system to allow for more resilience to stress, increased vitality, and the capacity to engage more actively and joyfully in life.

Reconnect to your juicy instincts

As strange as it may sound, doing trauma work with me can actually be really fun. We may not always be LOL-ing, but there is more laughter than you might expect. Sometimes the laughter brings tears—lots of them—and together we hold space for them and whatever else shows up to surface, complete, and release.

Throughout this, I am holding a steady light and watching closely as you move through your experience at a tolerable pace for your system. I will make sure you return in one piece, with a bit more clarity, a little more capacity, and a lot less shame.

Somatic Experiencing Sessions

Whether you’re ready to dive in or just want more information and a vibe check, your first step is to book a free, 20 minute Curiosity Call. From there, if we both feel we’re a good fit, we will book your first full session together

55-min sessions are held in person in my Montreal studio, or virtually, over video call

Canada – $115 CAD

Abroad – $100 USD

More About my approach


I’m a trained practitioner of the trauma-healing modality called Somatic Experiencing. I come out of the craft of story telling, having worked for nearly 20 years as an award-winning filmmaker and writer.

As both a survivor and a witness to some overwhelming and difficult things, I’ve learned the power of listening to the story of the nervous system, and how helping the body resolve trauma by honouring its wisdom and reconnecting to its natural rhythms can lead to post-traumatic growth and open us up to the world in beautiful ways previously not imagined.

Nothing lights me up more than personal and collective liberation.

For more on my training and background, you’re welcome to visit my website and/or get in touch for a conversation.

I currently live and work as a guest in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal in the country many call Canada. If you are within close proximity, we can set up in-person sessions. Otherwise, I’m very comfortable working virtually with all the time zones.

Get In Touch

The Fine Print

Access information for in-person sessions: the studio is in a ground floor suite with 2 steps up to the doorway, and is a low-scent space. If you need more information about accessibility, or want to check in about specific access needs, email somatics@longspell.com

Virtual sessions are held over Zoom. It’s important to have a strong internet connection so I can both hear and see you clearly. If at all possible, I’ll ask that you keep your device on a stable surface (i.e. not hand-held phone). If you have access needs for this type of session, please mention them in your intake form during the booking process

Sales tax where applicable is included in the price