Plant Medicine

Plant medicine for people who give a f*ck

Our individual bodies are connected to the ecological, political, and economic wreckage of late capitalism. We each feel it in our own way—pain and fatigue, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, chronic infections, anxiety and depression—plain old feeling bad.

Let’s be real, no healing modality focused on 1:1 work can dismantle the systems that cause this suffering. The wellness industry’s relentless pursuit of personal optimization is clearly not going to get us to a more just and joyful world.

For that, of course, we need collective action—each one of us contributing in our own way. Plant medicine has something special to offer because it is by nature a medicine of relationship, of reciprocal care, of connection to the more than human world.

Working closely with clinical energetic herbalist Gina Badger, you’ll attend to your pain, build trust in your body, and gather the courage of your conviction—so you can show up brilliant and generous for your work in the world.

You + me + the plants = your healing dream team

Energetic Clinical Herbalism Offerings

The Long Spell

To heal you need time + support. This juicy offering is designed to build healing relationships at the speed of trust.

Our work together begins with a 1-hour intake where you share your story and health challenges and we set your healing intentions. Based on your intake, I draft a holistic assessment and treatment map that guides us along the way. During monthly follow-up calls we track how you’re doing as the plants work their magic, take note of shifts, and celebrate your good work.

You’ll get the most out of this offer if you show up with intention, curiosity, and a willingness to slow down. Along the way, you’ll incorporate daily rituals and simple practices to develop a partnership with the plants that will support you for years to come.

After each appointment, you get a personalized formula drawing on the 200+ plants in my full apothecary. Ready to get started? The first step is to book your free curiosity call so we can get to know each other


60-min appointment

Kitchen Table Calls

Wondering if there’s an herb for that? Can they actually help you get a good night’s sleep? Tame that monster nausea that’s wreaking havoc in your life? Support your Covid recovery? Play a role in your surgery prep and recovery? Help with heartbreak? Kitchen Table Calls are made for this kind of question!

But here’s the short answer right now: yes!! During these 30-minute appointments, we have time to get holistic on one health question or concern—I show up with my listening hat on and help you clarify what support you need most, right now. Kitchen Table Calls are similar how I work with herbs at home, for the everyday ups and downs that my beloveds and I encounter.

As a clinical herbalist, I’m a professional plant-to-person matchmaker, and one of my favourite things is solving a herbal puzzle with a well-curated, timely formula. After your call, you’ll get a simple formula drawn from a condensed apothecary of about 50 plants—my ride-or-dies.


30-min appointment

Psssst… Are you a care worker? Check out our intro offer just for you!

Working with herbalism embeds you in a network that extends to growers, medicine-makers and traditional knowledge-keepers, to the plants themselves and their crawling and furry allies, to nutrient and water cycles. In other words, it invites you into a political ecology of care.

Meet Your Herbalist


Gina Badger, MSc, Clinical Energetic Herbalist

I’m Gina (they/she), and I’d be delighted to be your herbalist. My clinical offerings represent everything I’ve learned about healing with herbs through 2500+ training hours over nearly 20 years, 4+ years in private practice, and my own health challenges including burnout working in the nonprofit arts sector for a decade. Read more about my approach and training here, and/or follow me to get a vibe check.

The Fine Print

All calls are phone/voice calls. If you have access needs for this type of appointment, please share them in the intake form and I will do my best to meet them

Calls can be booked on Tuesdays (3–8 pm PT / 6–11 pm ET) and Wednesdays (9:30 am – 5 pm PT / 12:30 pm – 8 pm ET)

Herbal formulas and shipping and taxes charged separately where applicable

If you would like to access my support in a different format, check out Group Spells—clinical herbalism, collectivized