Group Spells

Herbal Community Care 🤍 3-Month Virtual Program

Build your wellness toolkit in community!

Long Spell’s signature group clinical consultations are accessible, participatory herbalism in an intimate group setting. During this 3-month program, you’ll co-create and follow a customized protocol to support the foundations of your health, with the guidance of herbalist Gina Badger and the support of a sweet cohort.

Group Spells is a unique form of community care offering focused, holistic support

Through this hybrid virtual program’s pre-recorded and live sessions, you’ll connect the dots between your body’s stress response, your digestive health, and your immune capacity – building your resilience along the way!

What does this look like in practice?

  • 3-month program
  • three live 90-minute sessions with your cohort
  • six pre-recorded 20-minute presentations
  • three custom herbal formulas
  • one 30-minute one-on-one session with Gina
  • $99/month, payment plans and accessibility options available

Foundations of Health

Stress Response

  • Resource your nervous system and meet stress with more resilience
  • Enhance your rest and restoration with calming adaptogens
  • Explore supportive sleep routines, from structured to intuitive

Digestive Health

  • Stoke your digestive fire with delicious custom bitters formulas
  • Ease upset tummies, gas, and bloating with carminative herbs
  • Learn why herbalists are obsessed with talking about poop

Immune Capacity

  • Connect the dots between stress, digestion, and immunity
  • Replenish your immune reservoir with deep immune formulas
  • Design a routine for when you feel like you’re getting sick

What’s included?

Three live 90-minute sessions:

  • Small group so we can create a strong container
  • Self-assessment questions help you identify & address health goals
  • Experience the magic of sharing & witnessing
  • Only accessible live (not recorded)

Six pre-recorded 20-minute presentations:

  • Overview of the month’s theme, anatomy and physiology and helpful plant medicines
  • Watch at any point before the live sessions

Three custom herbal formulas:

  • After your live session, collaborate with Gina to create custom herbal formulas
  • Local pickup in Vancouver BC or shipped to you

One 30-minute 1:1:

  • Scheduled at any point during the 3-month program
  • Use this session to focus your work in the program, get extra guidance, and/or plan what to do after the program


$99/month + applicable taxes

If you’re not local to Vancouver, shipping will be charged at cost

For financial accessibility and mutual aid, see FAQ

Live Session Times

Group Spells is currently fully enrolled. To join the waitlist for fall 2023, share your info here:


Is this for me?

This offering is for anyone who wants to build their self-care tools to support foundational resilience, and who’s ready to learn about the practical application of safe, accessible herbs

Group Spells is a highly participatory space that relies on everyone bringing their sparkly selves to the shared experience. If you’re not comfortable being on camera or sharing your embodied experience with a small group, this offering may not be the best fit for you


Open to current clients as well as folks new to my practice

Do you offer payment plans or reduced rates?

Extended payment plans are offered at no additional cost to anyone who wants them

For marginalized people with financial need, a limited number of spots are available at a reduced rate of $49/month

Payment plans and reduced rate are both described in more detail in the registration questionnaire

What happens if I don’t finish the program?

Registration in Group Spells constitutes commitment to the full program, even when paying by payment plan. When filling out the registration form, please ensure you are available for the date(s) and time(s) selected, as we will not be able to accommodate refunds, cancellations or exchanges.

Long Spell’s financial approach is highly considered for accessibility and it only works due to mutual respect. I am a self-employed person without backup income, and these boundaries are in place to respect my time, energy, and ability to support myself with this work. Thank you for your collaboration!

Tell me more about the mutual aid component of Group Spells?

5% of proceeds will be donated to BIPOC-led mutual aid, organizing, or herbal education projects

Excited about community-powered resource redistribution? Read more about Long Spell’s programs here

Other questions? Get in touch


Meet your herbalist

I’m Gina Badger, and I’m the Clinical Energetic Herbalist who runs Group Spells. The reason I love group work is that it upholds herbalism as the people’s medicine: financially accessible, participatory, and plugged into community. Creating a shared space to learn about and deepen our healing, together, is powerful magic that honours the plants, the earth, and our collectivity. Learn more about my approach here.