Care Worker Intro Special

Hi there, crispy-fried, world-weary new friend!

I feel you—as a care worker, I’ve been through a few cycles of burnout myself. Long Spell’s intro offer for care workers is designed to help you with the next steps in your burnout recovery

You’re exhausted and overcommitted, so this offer is designed to be easeful as possible:

  • Short video or voice calls you can join from the comfort of your own space
  • Custom herbal formula that’ll just show up on your doorstep
  • Guide to tiny actions and practices to reclaim your time & rebuild your energy
  • $65–135 for two 30-min calls + your herbs (see FAQ below for breakdown)
  • For more details, read on below. Still have questions? Send me an email at gina AT longspellherbs DOT com

Sound about right?

What’s Included

Intro Video Call

From the comfort of your own space, it’s easy to connect with this short virtual appointment. You’ll share the specific ways that burnout is messing with your life right now and we’ll figure out what to prioritize to start getting you back on track

Guiding Notes

This is your custom guide to simple practices to support your recovery. After your first appointment, I will follow up with three tiny actions or practices that you can implement right way—drawn from our conversation

Custom Formula

One custom herbal formula, created with love and intention to restore your vitality. This formula won’t fix everything right away, but it will focus on one aspect of your burnout and put building blocks in place for your future healing

Follow-Up Call

A month after your first call, we’ll check in to see how you’re doing with the herbs and practices, and to talk about what your next steps are. If you want to keep working together, we can!


sliding scale

+ sales tax and shipping as applicable

Please read “How much should I Pay?” in the FAQ below to help you place yourself on the scale


Am I a care worker?

I work with an expansive definition of care worker—anyone whose paid or unpaid work involves taking care of others. If you’re not sure, feel free to reach out to check (but the answer is probably yes).

Why this offering?

As a care worker and small business owner, and an artist and nonprofit worker before that, I’ve been through a couple cycles of burnout myself. I know firsthand how transformative it is to find a practitioner who can offer the support you need to get your energy and joy back and make long-term changes to support your vitality going forward. In my 4+ years of clinical practice, supporting other care workers is some of my favourite work, because I know how hard it can be for us to ask for help, and because it lifts up whole communities, making us more resilient as a collective. Read more about my approach and training here.

Is this going to work?

In my experience, recovery from burnout is a long journey that involves changing deep-set patterns. This offer will help you take you next steps, with more energy to keep going.

What kind of herbal formula will I receive?

Formulas are available as tinctures (alcohol-based) or teas, depending on your preference. Your formula will be created just for you based on your specific experience and needs.

Why only two appointments? What if I want to keep working with you? 

This offer is especially designed for when you’re really at the end of your rope and you need a low barrier to entry. Or maybe you’re not sure about herbalism and want to get to know me better before making more of a commitment. If you start with this offer and want to continue our work together, we can stick with 30-minute calls or move to more extended appointments and more comprehensive support. If you want to dive deep right away, check out The Long Spell.

When are appointments available?

I see clients on Tuesday afternoons/evenings and Wednesday mornings/afternoons (Pacific Time). Click here to see upcoming openings in my schedule.

How much should I pay?

In my practice, sliding scale payment is a way to enact economic justice on a micro-scale. I recognize that many care workers do not receive adequate pay for our labour, and I have tried to price this offering to be accessible to as many care workers as possible. Please pay as much as you can afford so that I can offer this care to as many people as I can.

To orient to what you are paying for, I will spend at least 3 hours working directly on your case, and the cost of herbs is approximately $15–25. It may be helpful to think about how much you are paid for an hour of your work. As an example, if you are paid $15/hour for your work, you are invited to select the low end of the sliding scale ($65). Read more about sliding scale in my practice here.

Meet Your Herbalist

Gina Badger, MSc, Clinical Energetic Herbalist

I’m Gina (they/she), and I’d be delighted to be your herbalist. My clinical offerings represent everything I’ve learned about healing with herbs through 2500+ training hours over nearly 20 years, 4+ years in private practice, and my own health challenges including burnout working in the nonprofit arts sector for a decade. Read more about my approach and training here, and/or follow me to get more of a vibe check.

The Fine Print

For new clients only

Sessions can be booked as video or voice/phone calls

Video calls are held over Long Spell’s clinic management software, Jane. You will be sent a link beforehand

Voice calls are held over the phone for clients in Canada and over data call (FaceTime voice, Signal or WhatsApp) for clients in the US

Access needs? Leave me a note in your intake form with the details and I will do my best to meet your needs

Calls can be booked on Tuesdays (3–8 pm PT / 5–11 pm ET) and Wednesdays (9:30 am–5 pm PT / 12:30–8 pm ET)

Shipping and taxes where applicable will be charged separately