Community-Powered Resource Redistribution

Sliding-Scale Payment

Sliding-scale payment is a way to enact economic justice through my practice, recognizing that there are many structural factors that affect people’s ability to access paid health care services like herbalism. I believe that herbalism is the people’s medicine, meaning it should not be a luxury commodity available only to the wealthy. Because it is not a modality that is eligible for subsidies from the state or private health insurance, that leaves it to practitioners to envision ways to expand access.

Like many self-employed practitioners without backup income, my capacity to offer sliding scale is limited. In acknowledgment of the structural factors that impact financial status, priority for sliding scale is for clients who are trans, disabled, and/or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or people of colour).

In sum: sliding scale is a form of mutual aid that allows people with more access to resources to directly support those with less. Community-level resource redistribution—how dreamy!!

How does the scale work?

Long Spell’s 30-minute Acute Care appointments are always paid on a sliding scale, from $30–75. This is how the sliding scale breaks down:

  • the low end ($30) covers material costs and I volunteer my time
  • mid-scale ($50–55) covers my direct labour costs
  • the high-end ($75) covers my direct labour plus overhead and administrative costs

Reduced rates for ongoing work are available on a limited, case-by-case basis. Please let me know if you would like to discuss the options.

Where should you pay on the scale?

For Acute Care appointments, you are welcome to select a point anywhere on the scale, and it can be a different point on the scale every time you pay. If you are white, able-bodied, and/or receiving income at this time, please consider paying at the middle of the scale or higher. Here is a juicy, detailed article about sliding scale and some tools to help you orient yourself on the scale.

If the low end is not accessible to you, please check out the Pay-It-Forward program below. I trust you to assess your capacity. Thank you for supporting each other!!


If you want to work with me but my appointment fee is a barrier to access, this program subsidizes Acute Care appointments (down to $0 including your herbs and shipping). Priority is for priority for clients who are trans, disabled, and/or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or people of colour).

How to access the program

Book an Acute Care appointment and leave me a note explaining that you want to access the pay-it-forward program and letting me know what you can pay (even if that’s $0). No need to explain why—mutual trust is key to this being a supportive relationship, so I ask you to show up in good faith.

How to support the program

The core funding for this program comes from $5 redirected from each ongoing client who pays my full rate. This currently covers 2–3 appointments per month in a way that’s sustainable for me.

If you would like to contribute to increase my capacity, THANK YOU! Please send an e-transfer (or PayPal payment) to gina @ longspellherbs.com with “pay-it-forward” in the comments.


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